Friday, December 12, 2008

November 10, 2006

Today was a busy one, broke the carpet cleaner, and had to go back to the parent's to get help on fixing it, sent my dad off to fix my out side spicket, (bless him he did) but before that we had to run to the mall to get my little moneky butt a brand new pair of glasses. I hope they last, he's never had them before and I can only imagine what a kid with new glasses could do to them. I didn't get mine until I as 16, so I knew better than to break them or loose them. I hope he learns at his age quick. :) But he seems happier to be able to see clearly.
But anywho that took like almost three hours at the mall and of course the hubby had a hangover so he was really tired and lazy about the whole day claimed being ill even ah well no sympathy from me. Then when I came home I made dinner, fixed the carpet cleaner and then tried my best to beat the living tar out of him in Tiger Woods 2006 for the xbox 306, considering I have never played it before I did decent won 1300 on my first round of skins, but I really want to win! Guess it's my competetiveness.
As for today and tomorrow, Veteran's Day is very special in my familly my dad and mom were in as well as my grandpa, most of my uncles and a few cousins. I am proud of them all, protect your country boys and I will keep the light on for you at home waiting proudly. I will leave my conspiracy theories out for today about buig oil companies don't want to loose the focus on what is really important, but no matter what I am proud of our militaries no matter what.

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