Friday, December 12, 2008

November 9, 2006

Ok I can't figure out why my blog isn't showing on my top page, but ----- better help me find out how to fix that! More later on this.....
(15 seconds later) Of course after I bitch it magically appears, but isn't it delicious, we'll see if it stays............
So it seems I am too forgiving, my husband had to run off with his friends before I had even gotten home with the son, so he could hang out till who knows when and then tell me most of it was for the bowling league he is on. Whatever jackass, can't even wait untill I get home. Don't count on him enjoying anything for the next few days, I am not one to be understanding when I get home at 6pm and he is gone for bowling that starts at 9. Asshole.

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