Friday, December 12, 2008

November 13, 2006

So far today is ok, my shoulders are extremely sore from Sturday's excursion with the carpet cleaner, but I made it here to work so far I guess Monday is a good day. :) My Mom is going in for surgery today on her right hand and arm, she had carpal tunnel and almost no strength left in that hand. Later they will have to do the left one I just know it. Well now we have to figure out who will be handling the turkey dinner, I almost wish it could be at my house so I could relax between meals. Lol that's funny I won't get to have it at my house until some people die. That is mean sounding but very true so I will have to disappoint the hubby again and we will have to trapse to everyones houses again this year!! Yeah LOL!
As for my Mom, prayers to whomever is important to you everyone!

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