Tuesday, December 16, 2008

November 27, 2007

Ok, everyone in my house is sick but me, it is scary and I don't want it, so they all better just stay away and leave me alone when I am home. (Ewwwwwwey, Ewwwwey, Ewwwww!) I don't even know if I will make them all soup to feel better with just because I am not interested in large amounts of contact with them all, I never got to my flu shot and I can just imagine the pain and misery....
As you can see I haven't posted any pictures of me with my new haircut as of yet, but I will probably this weekend.
I am so not ready for any holiday shopping either, I hate e-bay, and I hate large crowds, so I just might as well not do anything I have to for the bottom of the tree until I absolutely ahve to. Shocking to some I know, but for me, it just means everyone gets gift cards! :D That way nothing is a dissappointment and they do really get what they wanted. Actually I know that I will not do that, but it sounds so tempting.... lol
Ok more later (probably tomorrow, but... I just had to share that...)

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