Friday, December 12, 2008

November 4, 2006

Have you ever been so tired and so sore from doing everything you want to try and get done, and yet it seems that hardly anything is done? I feel like I took two steps forward and then slipped down the whole hill. Maybe I try to do too much or maybe I am just not organized enough but truthfully I have got to figure this whole deal out soon or I will be crashing for about a week when I get everything done I need to.
1. Fix the living rooms walls, idiots before us put up paneling, now we know why, they played find the stud with a hammer.... jackasses
2. Get a new front door, mice can walk in freely without having to duck their heads under the closed door.
3. Finish the floor in the computer room, right now it's only sub flooring....
4. Fix the facia and soffit outside our bedroom windows, the birds are pissing me off.
5. Fix three windows in the basement, nothing says come on in to spiders and mice like a broken basement window....
And SO much more!
See why I am always tired??? And all I ever get to is the cleaning part.........sheesh!

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