Friday, December 12, 2008

November 6, 2006

Things are almost quiet around here, the lunch time hour was exciting hubby had to test his luck, but even that is already resolved and will only just cost us money, I hope. And not much money, I hope. Work is unbelievaby busy and the home life is undescribably chaoctic, but there is a rythm to it, and I think I finally caught onto it (I think). Watch, now it will change to a samba, and I don't know the steps, ah hell it's always like that, so what crazy thing is going to blow it up now? Hopefully not too much, I don't think I could handle too much more. Gonna go to bed now tomorrow is extremely busy with voting and taking kids to the airport, then I gotta dash home and get the other kid and do dinner and soooooo much more.
Someday maybe I will rant on about that but for now, I love 'em and I wisht they were always right here.

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