Tuesday, December 16, 2008

November 6, 2008

Wow! Hi!
I have been out there searching the www and I have found out that I am a very bad blogger, I am not constant and I don't have awe inspiring pictures to share. Part of that is because my camera was removed from my house last February by someone I don't ever want in my house again...and since I don't want a cheap camera, I am now patiently waiting for my birthday which will give me the excuse to put a nice camera on my credit card, maybe I will get one that makes video too, although it will hurt the quality of my camera's photos I am confident that it will help me capture more family memories that have been caught lately.
Actually I am not good at taking pictures either, so.... I suck.

I suck at baking, gourmet cooking, (Which I have hoarded recipes for years on Yahoo and from other people's blogs...but never done a one of them, ugh!) and all the wonderful home maker things that I find peoople blogging about, people who I have never met, but admire, because their blogs on the web have purpose, to share recipes, their homeschooling techniques, (WHICH... I could NEVER do, even though I did want to be a teacher I realize now that I am happy to go to work for 9 hours and not see children or my hubby for that amount of time, its almost recharging to me. I know I suck.), so many wonderful things that I thought I wasn't ignorant of the subject, but I am finding I am ignorant on many levels, little bits of information on the top does not help when you are trying to express a masterpiece. See did that make sense? I doubt it, see I suck.

And more sadness in my house... after Tuesday which I did vote and I wrote in my candidate so it is obvious he didn't win.... I bombed my house, to get rid of the numerous bugs that infest houses during the summer and in the fall start moving into homes, so I put the dogs outside in the back and took the cat and put him in the garage; confident that I had covered all the holes in our old dilapidated garage... three hours later, he is gone, probably extremely mad at me and the nice weather we have been having is not helping him to want to come back. So.... my cat is missing at this time and my dear Killian needs to come home. (No I did not name him that, he came to my family with that name, the yowler...) I miss him and I hope this Friday's crappy weather drives him back home, to all the tuna and milk I can shove down his purring little throat.
Wow... see my blog isn' t about how to make anything or how to do anything, it is just me complaining or bragging, so.... (as with the theme today of my blog....)

I suck!


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