Tuesday, December 16, 2008

November 3, 2008

(Now I have never seen some of the candies pictured above, but Halloween here in the good ol' US is a LOT like that!)
The boy got a bag and a half, talk about making out like a bandit, and my feet hurt for two days walking in moccasin boots without any kind of supports for the poor tootsies.... Oh well the joy on his face was more than worth it! :)
I don't know how the girls did they stayed with their mom and hopefully no one died of sugar overdose in that house... (I doubt it any way; they eat more candy than we do in a year, those girls!)
Puppies are doing great; love their mommy more than anything! :) And I am still so happy my family is whole again!
My parents did NOT decorate this year and many were disappointed but my mom is still hurt about her car being stolen and the children she knew are grown now, so they don't have to dress up every Halloween is probably a great break for them, they used to be cleaning up till after midnight, now it's just close the door at 8 and turn off the light, it must of been nice for them. For me it was cleaning up Halloween stuff the next day, but hey it's ok, I wanted to decorate and it looked great, I was happy! :)
So now we prep for my birthday which I will not be celebrating with friends unless they make a point of coming to see me, last time I ended up paying for everyone, when actually everyone is supposed to buy me drinks, so not this year, nope, hubby and I will do something, and the family and I will do something, friends better come by on their own I'm not pointing it out to anyone.
After that actually at the same time, we must rev up for THANKSGIVING! While for years I have hated this holiday, I am now going to do my best to try and love it, it is hard for me, it has often stolen the lime light from my great day, but as I get older I see it can take over the lime light and leave me to celebrate quietly the way I want without too much fuss anymore. Yippee!! Oh Great Thanksgiving, thank you for giving me the peace and quiet for my birthday!
Ok enough blabbering, on to working on other things!

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