Tuesday, December 16, 2008

October 8, 2007

I am tired, so tired, I try to see my man and I try to keep working, one of these things is going to not work out soon I can tell, I want to scream about the shape of the house and I want to yell and jump up and down about the kids and lack of common sense. The only thing I was able to do was not cry and keep on trying to take a nap here and there. Otherwise here are some updates.
Car is fixed, parent's have a sick sense of humor...
My middle child is back with her mama...
I feel somewhat better... still coughing, but I smoke so what should I expect??
My performance review at work is amazingly not horrible, yeah for me.
Heidi girl your blog made me laugh truly a work of story art, still working on your tattoo drawing though sorry it is moving so slow.
Ta` your belt is here my dear, Kat left it here for you.
Kat, don't worry squeaky toy, we will figure out what to do to help you, just remember we love you here at this house, no matter how stupid you can be.
Jamie Lee, I miss you and we never talk, I am so sorry our lives don't bump into each other more often, I miss you and kiss your baby boy for me. :)
Benni Ben, need to see you more, kisses to your wife and baby for me too! :D
Sissie! I hope everything is OK, we don't see each other enough either and thank you again for letting em use your car while mine was broke...
Hoyty Toyt! What the hell, no one answers the phone anymore, and no one comes over like they say they are going to. Miss you and the twins my dear hurry your busy butt up and come visit!
Also on a sad note... Hayze has gone home to live with my parents she was not happy with me and after 2 years it isn't fair to the old girl, so off to my ma's she went, so far she seems happy again.... I do miss her though, my lovely ol' cat.
OK I am done with all that, now I am going to try and do my rpg for tonight, I have ignored it for too long....
PS we still don't know if the state will close after this last budget continuation, either, dumb ass politicians...

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