Tuesday, December 16, 2008

October 4, 2007

So here I am... glad I am not laid off but still not doing well in the world. I have been sick, very sick, not the vomiting type but the sinus pain and coughing pain that could make you want to expire at times. OTC drugs only lightly cover the problem and as soon as they are done, I am in pain again. It sucks, but at least I get to see my hubby, he works nights now, so I never get to see him for very long. He is sleeping right now and I have to wake up to pick him up from work at the end of his shift, beleive me that isn't enough for us at times.
Kids, I swear I go and get the middle child from Indianapolis and she is sick, I know I didn't get mine from her but... it seems the eldest can't stand the middle one getting to stay home (never mind she is visiting and can't go to school) so she tried to be sick today too. I sent her to school, she cannot keep up her average of 1 day a week being ill. It will kill her grades. So I told her she had to try and stick it out, and to quit sharing her stuff with her friends, and quit kissing/holding hands/whatever with any boys or I am going to sick her Dad on them. :) I hope she gets the point I am trying to make.
Also my car took a shitter this last weekend on the way back from Indianapolis, fuel pump went out and of course it is my fault, I can't stand it, dealrships want way too much $$$, $750 to fix that, is ridiculous. So my wonderful Daddy is going to do try and fix it sometime this week. He can fix anything and even if my grandpa said I should of married a mechanic I know I would rather have my daddy fix it than my hubby, my daddy is my hero in all things car. :D So soon I will go buy the noxious part for $250 and try my best to help him fix it, wonder mechanic that he is....:)
Everything else??? Well all this drama has made it almost impossible to be creative in writing, except for very dark thoughts of expiring on the couch with phlem being the culprit, ok that was gross but that is where my mind is going.
So I am going to try and sleep again, it sucks not being able to breathe much.

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