Tuesday, December 16, 2008

September 19, 2007

So, I have good news today, hubby finally got a job that actually pays, see he has had a job, BUT it was sub-contracting and the SOB that is his boss didn't get paid, so he won't pay his employees, so... no one gets paid. Meanwhile this does not help the bills out in any way, so hubby got a different job now. I am happy even if it always interupts my sleep... he gets out at 1 am and I have to go pick him up I will have to train myself to go back to sleep as quick as possible cuz last night it took over an hour to get back to sleep. Oh well the sacrifices for a job.
Meanwhile, back at the home ranch, that is SUPOOSED to be safe.... The State of Michigan Legislature sucks, they haven't come up with a balanced budget for 08 and that starts on Oct 1. So we may be facing a close down and it pisses me off, I don't want to have to go without pay, and I don't want to rely on hubby's income completely to pay the bills, besides it can't do that anyway.... Augh, just when we get on our feet the whole rug is pulled out from under us. RRRR! So I am not happy with those that make my job at all to say the least.
Onto something new, I am tired of hearing about Britney Spears' latest train wreck of a life, maybe if no one paid attention she would straighten her life out, but it is just like an accident on the hughway, everyone has to stop and stare for a good 15 minutes, it is so sad that one person's breakdown is the interest of the whole nation, when we are at WAR people and the economy is going down the toilet (at least in my state)! I mean what the hell is more important, obviously to the main masses (that we all remember induvidually are smart but together are dumber than a door nail) it is Britney, to me I am sorry my state's budget crisis is a little more important but you don't see the media making the legislature here feel like idiots for not compromising andonly being there for thier pockets, NO Britney is more interesting. What a joke the media is once again, I wonder if I will ever be able to respect the mass media ever again... another Augh!
Something else now, I have no idea how to make my 12 year old become more active and quit eating like a starving Ethopian, when she doesn't do anything. She wants to be on the swim team in her school but to be honest if they have try-outs she isn't going to make it, she just isn't active enough. I am seriously thinking of making her do laps around the yard just to keep her weight from escalating. Now I know most people would say quit worrying about her weight, she is jsut a kid, but that is just it, she is just a kid and already 35 lbs overweight, that does NOT bode well for the future for her at all. So I worry and try to think of things to make her do more and be more active. Any ideas anyone???
So the title for my picture??? The Bounty, Where is it Now?
Well that seems to be it for now, I will of course let you all know what else I can rant about later when it comes to mind, peace!

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