Saturday, January 3, 2009

January 3, 2009

Hi! Lets see what has gone on since my last post? Well? The kiddies are here enjoying the resort known as Mom & Dad's Family resort, where kiddies don't do much until mom and or dad says so, it's school vacation heaven for them here, I just didn't realize being a mom meant a degree in housecleaning and hospitality.... which college wants to give me my paper saying all of that please? Well today will be different, I got up before they did, ha! And.... if they wan any computer time, they have to do a chore! Yippee!! Now if I had just figured this out before Christmas maybe I wouldn't be exhausted like I am.... hmmmmmm

Also, the boy's birthday is in 3 days but we are celebrating tomorrow and then also at school later, 10 years old... wow, I am still 40lbs heavier than when I didn't have him, but I am definitely happier, so... we will stop there.

I hope every one's new year is going well.

Let me give you a run down though about what is going to be happening in the Kinney house, the 6th is the boy's b-day, the 12th is the eldest girls b-day, the 28th is my dad's b-day, the 10th of February is the middle child's b-day, the 13th is my great aunt's b-day and the 14th is hubby Bubby and I's 4th anniversary, so the beginning of the year is always extremely expensive and busy for us, it's just amazing if we have any money left by the time the 14th comes around, but I guess if just always means we start the year off with a ton of parties!

OK, enough for now, I am at home and shouldn't even be thinking about typing, but I had to share with you all, and get this in before the monkey children wake up!


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