Friday, January 9, 2009

January 9, 2009 (ver 1)

I hope everyone here in the Great Lakes state is getting ready for the snow.... It's supposed to be coming this afternoon to dump up to 9 inches on us, get ready with those shovels and snow blowers! Yippee!!!

Hm mm, so far this year is on a hectic rhythm, many surprises, and many disappointments, but all we can do is breathe in deeply let it go slowly and decide on how much of our happiness is based on that one issue, and then.... let go. That last step is so hard, because of pride, because of worry, because of me, I hate not having control but one thing I have decided this year is to not stress as much about things that I have recently. I don't need to have heartburn everyday and I don't need to be so stressed I am angry all the time, so.... I will be taking lots of deep breaths this year and do my best to keep my cool. Wish me luck please, I have already broken that decision quite a few times this year and I haven't even made it through one month! Geeze!!! No wait.... BREATHE!

OK I will keep working on this, hope everyone else is doing much better at their resolutions.


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