Friday, January 9, 2009

January 9, 2009 (ver 2)

Hope everyone is ready for the snow!!!
Get your shovels and snow blowers ready the Great Lake State is supposed to get up to 9 inches today/tonight!
We are ready with our shovels, and we are ready and willing to hole up in the house for the weekend too! hm mm cozy weekends I love them! :)
My resolution this year is to reduce my stress... so I am making an effort to breathe deeply and consciously to avoid unnecessary stress. I have decided that when something stresses me, that I am going to breathe deeply, exhale slowly and think about how much or how little the issue that is stressing me right now is going to affect my happiness overall and then I am going to do my best to let go... Good Luck to me!
Good Luck to everyone else too about their resolutions for this year too!

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