Thursday, February 19, 2009

February 19, 2009

Let's see on the update:
Got a ticket last night, yep, a civil infraction ticket, for driving. I was, of course, rushing to get through this light near my home and turn left. Wouldn't you know it, the light turned yellow and another guy from the other side had to run the yellow, so I was stuck kinda rushing but also in the middle of the intersection. So I turn, and behind me? A cop, yeah a cop that pulled me over in the next two blocks, crappy, it's been over 4 years since the last time anything happened like this! (DAMN!) Of course the hubby was in the passenger seat, of course he had to say the smart thing "Glad it wasn't me."

Ugh, jackass, and uh yeah thanks.

So the cop did say he would go to court with me if I wanted to argue/contest it and he would help me out with the points, which I think an "Disregard to Red" is only 2 points, but I will have to check in the next 3 to 14 business days to see how much my pretty ticket is. Hopefully it isn't more than $100, I would really like less, and hopefully only 2 points as I haven't had any points in a long time and certainly don't want to keep these points with me any longer than I have to.

That last part did not make a lick of sense, can you believe that they needed 2 cop cars though for just my husband and I? That totally sucked to have two cop cars sitting in a dealership parking lot facing the sales office. Umm yeah I am never shopping for a car there, I am sure they will remember me, the completely embarrassed blond with her husband in the car getting a ticket from the cops but not with one cop car, no, it had to be two cop cars. So embarrassing....

I think... Ugh... I need more coffee and a 5-hour energy drink. (Yeah those work wonderful if you are not driving, the little shot sucks for that, everything else they are wonderful and you never realize when the energy is gone, cuz its like 11pm and you are supposed to be tired then. LOL) I also need about 14 more hours of sleep as it seems I never can get enough sleep anymore, the dark circles under my eyes are always there so I wonder if the hereditary feature has fine come home to roost in me. Probably, dang it.

Other than all that rambling, hmmm, oh yes, Mom's test results came back negative (YEAH!); Precious is getting worse (SO sad that mother's only female dapple wiener dog has been living with the cancer for a few months now, but it doesn't look like it will be much longer); My Aunt D doesn't want to have her surgery, something about the glue not working right in her shoulder and it has to be redone, (I know she isn't happy, at her age no one wants to have surgery); everyone else I think is ok, at least no one has called me this morning declaring an emergency or anything. (THANK GOODNESS!)

My boys, my big boys, (meaning my dogs), have been having issues recently and I think I will have to get them both neutered, seeing as they are both pit bull's and I fear their jealousy will only get worse with the younger one fully coming into adulthood. They have already broken a tooth out in one of their bouts and I don't really want anymore pierced lips. Jeez they can be such goons, but see the thing that makes me not want to do this is this, they get along 89% of the time. But I guess what also keeps me coming back to this decision is that last 11% - that last 11% - is worse than anything because they are so hard to break apart and neither one of them wants to back down anymore.

Sigh, more decisions to make....

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  1. here is some thing for the boys : ) They wont like me after you read it. : ) nice on the ticket, hope the cop was cute.