Friday, February 27, 2009

February 27, 2009

Blog Wars... have you heard of them? (Sounds like something from Star Wars, but I digress.)

I just encountered my first one here:

And all I can say is how cool is that blog? I can't check out her hubbies yet cuz, well... girls have to supports girls, they just have to, (unless they are your child and then you can support them until they are teens, stop for their teen years, cuz every woman knows what a little sneak a girl is when she is a teen, and then support her in adulthood....), women unite! (How dichotomous of me....)

Now I wonder if this is the only kind of war you can have, cuz if that is the case, well...

1. I don't blog daily, I can't, you don't want to hear me repeat myself do you? Trust me you don't. I think I repeat myself enough on here....

2. I have one follower, my sister, bless her, not really enough people to have a blog war.

3. I don't think anyone but my sister and I read my blog... so again refer to #2.

LOL! I don't think this is the time or place for me to try and have one of these, but they sound cool.

This weekend is going to be busy for me, the 14th Annual Motor City Tattoo Convention in Detroit (Shh, Sissie, say nothing to the 'rents, PLEASE!{Yes I know over 30 and still not wanting the 'rents to know... ugh, someday I will grow up....}), and I get to work some overtime too because the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 ( thanks to our wonderful President Obama, has made my work life a living hell for the last almost 4 months.

Yes, I know he hasn't been in office that long, but ever since the first whiff of bailout/stimulus $ was mentioned in the elections, the office I work in has been inundated with phones calls from communities and their engineers on how they can get that money. And to tell you the truth, until we get direction from the federal government and our own governor, "WE HAVE NO CLUE." Sorry it is the truth.... we need directions. But I bet you don't know how many different ways that can be said, and yet in my office we are trying to find out. :)

LOL, any who...the overtime stuff is going to be on Sunday afternoon most likely, just because something will need to be mailed out on Monday directly in the morning. I just hope I don't have a hangover. I am just kidding! I hardly drink anymore, although one of these days I will let you all know what one of my favorite things to collect is, and no it isn't any type of body part. :)

Talk to you over the weekend, I hope, from the lovely wi-fi in Detroit!


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  1. Thanks for posting this! You'd be surprised how many people you can get to your blog. My all time high before this whole blog war thing was 69, and I was stoked about that! I couldn't believe 69 people would visit my blog. Yesterday I had a total of 416! Ahhhhh! It's all thanks to some clever marketing and people like you who are willing to spread the word. So thanks again!!!