Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February 4, 2009

Well, let's see so far there has been good news on the home front, my dad got through his medical procedure ok, my mom will be having one soon, and actually so will my great-aunt, needless to say, none of them are happy, at all with all that will come for them next. Each one has to go under the knife in the next few months to repair, biopsy, or remove their medical issue. To be honest this scares me, a lot. My Aunt is 86 this year, my dad is 60, and my mom is 58 this year. All of the ages are not ones to be taking anesthesia lightly, my mom actually always comes out of it so slow and the other two, well it doesn't agree with their stomachs almost every time. I have only ever been put out for my wisdom teeth being removed, but evidently it just doesn't agree with this family well and so, another fear to quietly quell.

Quietly Quell, it just rolls off of your tongue, quietly quell, say it five times and see if it is still as easily to say as it was the first time. Hmmm or how about... "The Queen quietly quelled the quintessential query that created too many quarrels in her court." Hmm maybe that isn't a tongue twister, but it was fun to think up. :)

See I need little things like that right now, word tricks that will move my mind right off of the medical issues that are floating around in the family.... hmmm time to move on.

On the good news side of things. My sister and I's (that always seems so awkward) Zazzle store at has just recently received it's 8th TBA (Today's Best Award)! Yeah for us, we are wanting to get the word out about our little on-line shop and poof it is slowly happening! YEAH! :) The designs that got the awards we are quite proud of and hoping that they only mean more publicity and interest from people to come. (In our gallery they are under the TBA tab.)

(I am hoping and praying and crossing my fingers for it to be come successful for us, otherwise we have been really busy for not much and I never like to be busy for nothing.) We have a tone of different things in there that range from both of our interests and abilities. So much stuff, and as our gallery name is "Knott Enough Stuff" in our minds you can never have too much stuff! ;)

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