Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 29, 2009

Well, yesterday was my Dad's birthday, he is now 60, which is weird for me to say, because he doesn't seem to be a person you could classify in the 60's age group, but my perceptions could be off although I don't want to be wrong, so... he is 59 ... again in my book. Happy 59th Dad! :)

Michigan is still cold and although I missed my chance with the icicles around my house to take pictures of them as they connected to the ground. (Hubby broke them off before i got outside with the camera.... crossed wire communications) The second generation of icicles are faithfully growing and hopefully by next week I can post on here a picture or two of the icicles that have not just grown to death inducing proportions but have managed to move from the highly dangerous category to really cool looking and kind of safe category, after all if it has connected to the ground or a post and is not just a jagged piece of ice hanging from your roof then you should be able to enjoy it's beauty.

Wow that explanation was a mouthful and quite a bot of typing. So I have been perusing many blogs here on the web lately, and... here are my favorites k?

(I just wanted to share!)

And yes I know 'peruse' means to look intently instead of skim. I have been tearing up, rolling on the floor laughing, and just falling in love with each one of these blogs. (BIG SIGH) I also know several of these are up for bloggy awards and yeah for all of them I hope they all win, as I can't say which are my favorites as I look at them all daily. (LOL)

How I wish I could be as prolific in my blogging or as useful.
Oh well, I will just keep on trying to blog with out whining, which believe it or not, is not easy.

Peace! ;)

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  1. i sure wish i could knitt. All i have is pictures.