Monday, March 16, 2009

March 16, 2009

This weekend was crazy, we went and got the elder kids on Thursday and then proceeded to have the busiest Saturday I remember in a long time. I say that because I usually try to remove them from my mind as soon as I can when they were as busy as this one.

My Saturdays are usually mine to clean and do as I please with, but not this weekend.

I worked on my face book page, and let me tell you... that place is not that friendly of a user interface. I was thoroughly confused for a while... but I am also blond so, I guess part of it is my fault.


This weekend, I was a cook, cleaner, helper, disciplinary, and a club goer.

That's right I went to a club and NO there aren't any pictures of it. It was just too weird for me to document in pictures. Let me also just say we stuck out like a sore thumb the four of us. Hubby, Will, Heidi, and I are not actually the club going age anymore, but... we still love the music. OK its actually we wives still love the music and we drag the hubbies with us. The thing is, I don't think we even dress correctly anymore, I saw people there in clothes I wouldn't wear in the bedroom let alone in public. I guess my morals are just getting too old, plus I think about our 14 year old being able to go to some of these clubs in 4 years. It makes my heart tremble.

But before the club I worked my butt off on dinner, making very special baked potatoes (with minced onions and garlic baked into them), macaroni and cheese (with 4 cheeses), and then fillet Mignon. Yep I made mine instead of buying it. The are after all only tenderloin steaks cut small enough to wrap bacon around. I do have pictures of that uncooked, but I do not have any pictures of them cooked, the vultures in my house were too quick for me.

I haven't uploaded them onto my computer yet either, but maybe tonight after I take a breather from the fiasco that this day of work on Monday has been. (VERY UGH and nothing can fix that, DAMN!)

I don't think I want to blog about that, its too humiliating and frustrating. I might cry from the unused anger if I blog it, so, onto other fun stuff.

I can't wait to share my non-broiled fillet Mignon with you later today, may it make you dream of some very good beef later on and if you are a vegetarian, I am so sorry that it will offend you. Sorry, truly, but it was also so yummy for me after I got over my low-blood sugar attack that I had because I wanted so desperately to gorge myself on the very yummy dinner I had made. Sometimes.... you can never win. And again I apologize for offending the vegetarians.

OK, Thanks for reading my rant, love to talk more but I still have to fix the crap I screwed up at work...

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  1. He thought my tail blog was porn????


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