Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 19, 2009

OK, yesterday Aunt D had surgery on her shoulder again, and they found out nothing was wrong. The pointlessness of the whole situation irritates me. Needless to say she was and still is livid, and I don't blame her. I don't think she should even pay her bill (she will - she is just that way). She wasn't complaining about it and to put her through an unnecessary surgery - at the age she is. And I have to say it angers me, it makes no sense and cost a lot of money and pain, what was the point? She is fine now, except for the pain, but the mental and physical stress wasn't necessary. I know some would say that I should just be grateful that she is OK, and I am. I just don't see why they had to put her through it then. The doctor was convinced that it had not healed right, but she said it felt fine, why not listen to the patient?

Dad goes for surgery tomorrow and now after what happened to Aunt D, I am certainly hoping that this is being done for a good reason. And that something good comes from it.

What worries, we all carry them for those that we love, now if we could just remember to express our care and love, then maybe everyday would have a better ring to it.

But I am still mad for Aunt D its just wrong.

I also just finally accomplished the fete of titling all of my flickr photos all 2,000 plus of them. That took me two days, I just don't think each one will get its own unique description, I don't want carpel tunnel from a hobby. :)

Well waiting on the youngest to come home from karate and hoping he has a new stripe, cross your fingers with me! :) He goes with his Grandpa (my Dad) and they go the children's and adults' classes together, I am very proud of both of them as they have been very committed to it. Grandpa was in it when he was younger and has enjoyed getting back into it with his grandson. The youngest also comes home with a new haircut, a new haircut without bangs, if you've seen my pictures of him on flickr, you know he has never been without bangs before and I am hesitant to see what it looks like, I just know I have to be very supportive.

Hubby just told me I should of called my blog "Schayde's Crying & Complaining" and you know, I think its funny.

Have a good night,

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