Monday, March 23, 2009

March 23, 2009

OK I just have to wonder out in black and white typing for a few minutes, maybe it will help me and my frazzled self. (Think fragil rock hair, it's how I feel my hair should be from the stress.)

1. Why do taxes have to be done in the first 4 months? I mean some of this crap is so confusing it can't be figured out in 4 months and how come some financial companies are allowed to get away with not sending the year end information to you unless you are threatening to blow a blood vessel in your brain while on the phone with them? I though that was illegal.

2. Why do Mondays suck? Seriously it is the worst day of the week for me every week, not Tuesday with crappy work or even Thursday knowing you have to have it done before Friday? Why is it ALWAYS Monday that sucks so bad?

3. Why was the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 ever created? They like to think its a great kick start for the economy to send this money out to all these existing and brand new government programs, but 50% of the money won't move in the 120 window that they demanded it be spent in, if the law they insist on using has all of the ridiculous requirements that they put into it in the first place. "Buy American"... how can you do this when this is a global economy, unless it is carved by hand from wood in your backyard nothing is 100% made in the Great Ole US of A. It's almost impossible without some part of some component for construction being made outside of the USA. And how are we supposed to grant waivers for some of this stuff if they don't give us an idea of how to apply for a waiver or how long the process will take for a waiver to be approved. I think some of the government has lost its common sense when it does things like this. Its almost like asking a person to spend a $1,000 on an "Completely American Made Flat Screen TV"... can you find one? Completely made in the USA? I VERY SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT, it just isn't done anymore, so how do you get to use the money then??
That's right, you can't.
Ugh.....but you have to use 50% of it in 120 days or give it back.

4. Why can't people that you love, which have fallen so far from what they used to be to you and themselves always insist on coming back into your life forever swearing that they are going to do better this time? I mean especially if they never listened to your sound advise in the first place. (OK yes I realize that reads biased, but when you have already travelled that path they are going on and they don't listen, isn't that sound advise, since you have already been there?) Maybe it is just practise for me later on in life with the 1 current teen and 2 up-and-coming-teens? Please Lord then let me learn the lesson I need to now from these two, please, please, please!

5. Why does Monday suck? Oh, wait I already asked that, sorry.

6. Why does it always seem that your patience is at its shortest just when you need it the most?

OK I am done for now, sorry but the title warned you!

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