Monday, March 2, 2009

March 2, 2009

This weekend was fun, and I have pictures to put up in Flickr, but I have other things on my mind for now...

Such as... How do I change from using the date for my blog title to something else, I doubt I will be able to come up with a new title EVERY TIME! And when would I make the change over? Should I even make the change over to that or just leave it like it is? Decisions, decisions...

Taxes, I have to finish my hubbies and I haven't gotten to that yet... his always scare me with the personal business stuff in it. Ugh.

On-line businesses, they are so cool with what you can do in them, but SO much work to get it to look like you want. I know that for sure... (Zazzle, Cafepress, Etsy...) so many, so little time.

OK, I have a meeting to run to, so... more at another time.

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  1. You are totally right about Diablo being a Corn Okatee Corn snake to be exact. Connor saved up his money and bought him from a breeder in Texas. Had him flown overnight to Maine. He's been really easy so far and keeps getting brighter in color with each shedding.

    No live mice but only for one reason..the breeder said sometimes the mice fight back (as they should) and can bite the snake. This could lead to an infection which would mean taking him to the vet. Our plan is to NOT have to ever do that so MICE ON ICE it is!!

    Hallie ;)