Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 5, 2009

I generally don't like typing about things that make me sad, or cry here at work or at home, but I have to have closing on this one thing...

Little Precious, she came into my life through my sister saving her from a puppy mill, I tried valiantly for 3 weeks to get her to open up and be a happy pup, but the puppy mill owner had hurt her too much for two people that have to work 9 hours a day, could do. So, Skinney and I gave her to my mother. She is a lucky enough woman to be working at home and taking care of things there, for all of the family, instead of feeding the capitalistic monster that all of us do in the working world.

Mom never got Precious to be a completely normal pup, some scars never leave, but she got her to be her 'precious,' the little darling would run out and bark at you from the door all the way to her covered bed, and nip and lick your fingers if you put them near her but without any kind of insistence, she had to come to you. And you shouldn't look at her when she did it either, she wanted to share her love, but on her terms and in her portions. Precious had a good life with my mother and father, she got treats and loves from them, but only my mom could make her feel completely at ease outside of her little covered dog bed. Precious was put down yesterday due to cancer, we all wish we had been given more time with her, but God knows best, and we just have to accept. And so, we will miss her but know that her life now is far better than the pain of cancer and the scars of her young life could ever have given her here in our world. May she play, and never be scared in God's garden.

Bye Precious.

My sister also wrote some very nice things about this darling too in her blog knitting with my horse, here:

Our family truly believes in the fact that our dogs and cats are our family and care very deeply about them.

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  1. Damn, you made me cry. Your family loved her which I'm sure she understood in her way. I like to believe that my sorely missed Nomar met Precious and welcomed her with open wiener arms.