Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30, 2009

Today started out running! First at work - I am three different people, I am me, the section secretary, I am one of my unit secretaries, and I am the division chief's secretary - I feel a little psycho. Three similar jobs, three totally different sets of responsibilities. I do now have to say that... I understand why my unit secretary is often in a bad mood, the staff that she works for, about 10 people, are jerks to her almost all of them. Handwritten letters 15 pages long, some of them wanting letters in less than an hour, and some demanding that the mail gets done immediately. I am sorry but, I don't take orders very well and I don't think anyone else knows my priorities better than I do unless its my real boss saying so. Needless to say, my feathers have been ruffled a great deal today because of this group, along with my own responsibilities and the extra ones of stepping into a vacant position for a job that isn't going to be there much longer. I would of stayed late today at work but... I had parent/teacher conferences tonight at 6pm. LOL!

Parent/teacher conferences, the teacher called and she wanted us to come in early for them about 10 minutes after I had gotten home. She knew we would take forever, and we did I ran to the school, met up with my mom who is my day care and all around savior of helping with my kid. The conference wasn't too bad, mostly As, two Cs and they weren't because he couldn't understand the material, no, it was because he likes to dawdle, the teacher and her assistant have to babysit him to get him to do his work, and then it is a rush job with poor workmanship. The sad thing is that the Cs were in writing and social studies, for me two very easily understood topics, evidently to him too, so much that he isn't that interested, but I also know that when his behavior effects his schooling, the teacher could take him out of his accelerated class on Wednesday. So he has been put on notice and he knows this will no longer be tolerated... and we would of talked more about this but, tonight at 6:30pm was Pine Wood Derby in Cub Scouts and we didn't leave the parent/teacher conference until 6:35pm. LOL!

Cub Scouts, I had to run home and grab the hubby and the camera before I got to go back to the same school and hang out in the lunch room to watch the races. So... we raced back, hubby and I, thank goodness traffic was kind to us. The youngest though, ugh, the one I had just talked to about focusing and staying at the task at hand in school, is a very very bad spoil sport. He didn't win, so he threw a bit of a fit, he didn't win again, so he threw a little bit bigger of a fit (Hubby had to follow him into the bathroom!), then of course he ran again and didn't win and needless to say he can't seem to ever be happy for his friends' wins, its only all about him at 10 years old. This disappoints me, and I take him aside and we talk, the frustrated tears of a very proud boy come out. I explain to him SO many things to him about winning and loosing and then... his car finally wins, only the car is in the "slowest car" race. My boy wasn't doing good tonight and there wasn't anyway I could fix that one. SIGH.

Hopefully a bowl of ice cream with chocolate sauce helps his mood before he goes to bed. Pray for me please.


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