Friday, March 27, 2009

March 27, 2009

TGIF! Woo Whoo! Yeah and all that jazz! Thank Goodness a busy at work but makes for a fast day.

Tomorrow is my Grandpa's birthday, he will be ahem -- um -- err-- (eighty eight) and we will be enjoying a restaurant dinner with everyone and then cake and ice cream at my Mom & Dad's house. I like the family gatherings, for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, we love an excuse to get together and enjoy a meal together talking laughing, teasing...

But my hubby maybe not so much. We are pretty much opposites in that, he was raised far differently than me and I personally think that these differences in our raising's are probably what makes us work. Both of us at least do like a challenge. See I was raised in a military home, my mother was in the Air Force before I was born and my dad was in the Air Force until I was 15. They met in California stationed at the same base on a blind date. (sigh, how romantic!)

Needless to say for some it was a big adjustment for me to live "civilian" but I have adapted as we military brats always do. :) Living here in one state for 17 years now... I still miss moving. These thoughts are so foreign for my one-city hubby, but its OK.

Don't get me wrong his life certainly has its advantages, he has known so many in this town since childhood. I have a few friends that I have known for 20 or 15 years, but not too many. He still knows this city better than me and 17 years of driving is a long time to learn this little city.

But back to the family gathering, hubby always wants to go straight home after any big restaurant meal. His family, when we get together, they hang out at the restaurant until they are done and then the invite is always extended but he always declines. We go to his family's houses too but not very long. You know what he wants to do? He wants to be comfortable, he wants to be able to take a nap or change clothes; he would prefer that the after dinner part was at our house or done at the restaurant.

He knows its always this way and yet after seven years, he still wants it done his way. So for the score... Family every time (at least once a month for seven tears) , Hubby zero times. Oh well maybe someday he will get his way. (LOL, for one; we are not high enough on the family tree yet and um, for two; well I don't want to clean that hard for all of the family to visit.)

Oh and back to the point, if there is one... Think "Happy Birthday!" for my grandpa tomorrow!


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