Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 7, 2009

Today was busy for me believe it or not. I usually get to sleep in, stay in my jammies till noon at least and clean house in a slow but continual progress. But to day, I said goodbye to my friend and co-worker, she's moving a few buildings over in downtown; close enough to walk to when it is nice so I will still get to see her, but its just not like it used to be when we worked in the same division and department. :( I guess I should not complain, but... it makes me sad.

I also worked for 4 hours today moving engineering and design planning sheets in 7 file cabinets with two other co-workers. Each contract set was on average of an inch thick, those things suck. Broke 3 nails and got about gazillion paper cuts.

Called on a new passenger brake light, get this, one place said $115, and I said ouch, and then another place said $45, I said I would be right over, hubby even changed the whole light fixture right int he parking lot, it was amazing how easy it was for him to fix it. Three wing nuts and an electric plug. Now I just need to make sure that the break lights on my car don't meet anymore yellow posts in parking lots, it's so embarrassing!

Then at home I worked with the youngest on his first book, for school, I mean a real book, for a 4th grader. The class actually gave each kid a white hard cover book, with empty pages, they are required to write or type 15 pages without illustration. He has chosen to type (well he had help with that too) about karate as he is working on his 3rd year and I have to say ( OK I am his mom, I know that I am biased) for a child writing a book, he did pretty well, at least typing about something that he knows about. His procrastination was admirable as it is amazing how small a thing could distract him from his story writing. It was amusing too for me at how really easy that was for a little while at least then I even needed a break.

We played with the dogs in the house as they just needed it being cooped in the house with been raining all day. And we all watched a movie with dinner and now I am just waiting for laundry to be done for the week so I can go upstairs to bed.

It wasn't an award winning type of day - not even good enough for a reality show, but... it was good enough for me. :)


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