Saturday, April 4, 2009

April 4, 2009

Yesterday, I had a very busy day, the morning was quick working through a days worth of stuff in half the time; the afternoon, well it kicked everything up a notch for me. I had originally agreed in December to be a chaperon for my son's class skating party. I also agreed to be one of the parents that skated. Yesterday, or actually last night, I ended up at Redi Care 20 minutes before they closed, because my ankle was hurting like a - well, it hurt bad enough that I was almost convinced amputation would have felt better.

Luckily though, the clinic was empty and super fast, we came in at 8:40pm, they did an examination and x-rays and got me out of there with crutches, a hard-sided brace, and a script for the pain by 9:05pm. Excellent care, and my fears of not being able to sleep were put aside.

But like most of you know already, I just learned for the first time, crutches suck and I would rather hop/hobble around without my crutches in a 2 story house with a basement than keep on trying to use crutches on the stairs.

This is how I ended up in this situation, which for me, is the first time, ever. I have never had crutches until now. I hope I will never need them again. As I typed earlier, I agreed to be a skating chaperon at my son's class skating party. I thought with only a few falls on my butt and once on my side that I was safe, safe of any serious injury, but as fate would have it... I was not done with my injuries. One of my son's classmates has asked me to help her learn how to skate, and of course I said yes, helping her around the floor several times, telling her over and over again, lean forward, bend your knees and don't let your feet go in front of you. However, twenty minutes before we would be leaving the rink to go back to the school, we had passed my parents who were chaperons that were not skating and poof she went down and this time, out of all the times she had gone down, I went with her and my left foot went curling under me as I fell and I heard a loud pop or what might of been my head hitting the pole that we fell near, I still don't know, probably both.

I have a sore spot on my head, but my foot, at first was good only a little sore from the pop but it could hold my weight. Later after we had gotten home we needed to go get some groceries and I walked it with my family, by the end of the shopping trip I was whimpering to myself and moaning with every bump of the car, after about an hour at home, I just could no take it anymore and bless that little Redi Care, they helped me and I learned a very valuable lesson.

I am too old for this stuff.

PS thanks for those that have been checking on me, I am OK, hobbling along and yes hubby has been very good taking care of me.


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