Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 8, 2009

I am still in a brace for work, but I have slept without it now for two nights, so nice not to wake up because you kicked your other foot on accident and the brace doesn't give like your leg.

I CANNOT believe that it is April and it dared snow here in Michigan again on Monday and refuses to leave any faster than it is. (It's still in shady spots, damn it, and I want my flowers to be pretty WITHOUT snow near them!)

I am so happy that one of the other secretaries is back from her visit to Florida, while she may have been enjoying her new grand baby, I was ready to kill her staff. She can handle them, she can be just as mean, but me, I was ready to hit people with my cane!

I am in love with the pictures in this blog! Trey is awesome with his style of photography, go check him out! (here: I wish I could travel all over like he does, but then again, maybe not, I love my house, even if it will never be finished...

Anything else? Well, no not really, anyone need a really good painter for a decent hourly wage? I have one! Let me know!

Peace... for now!

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