Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11, 2009

Grrr! Life has just been too crazy lately, I mean really!

Last week was very busy on Thursday and Friday and if you read facebook and are my friend there, then you already know about some of that trip. :)

I did post my pictures for the School Field Trip on Flickr and I hope if you have the chance you become my friend there and look at all the photos, I won't make them public to the world, well because there are children in the photos and I try not to help the weirdos out in the Internet to have child picture fodder to feed upon.

Wow does that sound weird but I do feel children should be protected on the Internet with their picture out there only if their parent's feel comfortable, personally me? I have never felt comfortable with that, sorry. So go be my friend there and then you can see the pictures to Mackinaw Island that we did on Thursday and Friday. :)

Thank you.

OK, onto Mother's Day, it was good/OK, my Mom told me she won't buy herself anything with the gift card I got her, which is just REALLY irritating, REALLY. Then she told us today that she didn't deserve all the stuff we gave her yesterday, I swear that can just put me into the worst mood ever that she doesn't think she is worthy.

Now myself, I love my son and he did his best and that was more than enough for me. The flowers are beautiful and the pot they are in I want to keep forever! But I hate the economy and feel like I could have done so much more for my great-aunt, my sister, and my mother. I also wish at times that my hubby would do something about the day too, but I am not his mom as he said, nor his babies momma, so... for the most part there was not much spoiling of me yesterday. :( OK enough pity party, the part that bugged me the most was not doing enough for others.

The field trip though... WOW, I didn't get much sleep with it but, I guess that is OK, I was able to keep myself going through out it all. :) We got on the bus at 6:30 am Thursday, no one fell back asleep and we ate breakfast at 9am at McD's (Its been a LONG time since I have had breakfast at McD's) got to Mill Creek around noon, ate sack lunches on the bus, and then went for the walk on the trails. (I will note here before breakfast the kids had no movies to watch and played "I Spy" in the bus, I read the book my mom had so graciously given to me to read while on the trip, I think it helped my sanity.)

Then we went to Fort Michilimackinac (try and say that 5 times fast, I bet you can't) and then after we rushed through that with a cannon demonstration and a black powder demonstration for the kids, I could of spent hours there but.. from there we went to the ferry and crossed over to the island, (I rode on the bottom with my kids, but promised to ride on the top on the way back) I thought we would get to go to our rooms asap and so I did not take my luggage carrier with me, so for another 2 hours I carried 40lbs on each arm till we could get into our rooms. This was time for us to explore a little bit of main street and me telling the boys assigned to me for the day to stay close over and over again. Needless to say my shoulders ached.

The magic show after dinner was far more worth our time than the blah tacos we had had for dinner. My son was even an assistant (out of many the magician picked) for a magic trick and got a green balloon sword out of the deal. :) I was so proud and of course because we had gone to dinner right before the magic show, I didn't get any pictures of that, but I have my memories of it and he was a great assistant! I think the magic show was great, the kids loved it and I actually enjoyed it myself.

Then I had three girls in the hotel room, and the one that slept in the same bed with me was... well a snorer. My husband is not a snorer, THANK YOU LORD! I did not really get any sleep even with a Tylenol PM and I got up at 5:30am the next morning. I won't go into what the the snoring did to me, but I didn't suffocate anyone and just tried to stay as still as I could for the duration. Every time she rolled over though, she whopped me with one of her arms, I SO missed my husband for even just that one night. I did take them to the Mariner's Tower museum up there but the girls were more interested in running up all the flights of stairs to see what they could see instead of reading all the information in the museum, and it did have a great view.

The next morning after breakfast we got a little free time to ourselves in our rooms before check out at 9 am. One of the other parents and I sat and watched Mel Brooks, "Men in Tights" before leaving most of our bags in the foyer to be readied for the ferry. From there we walked to Arch Rock after a little of bit a free time from the kids. Some of us adults went and visited a unique bar called "Goodfellows" and most of us found our courage for the rest of the day in that themed bar. ;) My son even found a blue speckled salamander while we were on our way back from the hike to Arch Rock. He makes me so proud with his observations.

After Arch Rock we had another sack lunch provided by the hotel and it wasn't great either, but what can you expect when they flavor for kids, not adults. Then we went and visited to Mackinaw Fort and saw another cannon demonstration, and another rifle firing demonstration as well.

So after the fort we went to the Butterfly House and it was extraordinary, over 20 different kinds of butterflies were in this hot greenhouse flying all over. The boy was even lucky enough that he had one butterfly land on his finger and allow him to walk around the greenhouse with it still on his finger! I took many many pictures of this and I will post all on flickr. :)

Then from there I bought a locker and stowed away most of the food I had been carrying for two days. Now I have to say this Mr. Campbell is a kind and generous man, who graciously carried the large bag of snacks for me for a large part of the second day, even up to the fort and down, bless that man he was so kind. But I needed the room for the nearly 5 hours of shopping we were going to get to have with our group of kids. (I had the boys back again as I only had the girls for the room part of this trip.)

It saddened me though that we never got off of the main street, I loved all the little shops and the horse taxis I never got to use, but... I KNOW the antique shops are on the second and third streets not the main street. I just couldn't get my kids to move and so all of the souvenirs were bought on the main street, tourist trap area, it made me sad I couldn't get them to move any better.

By 4:30pm though I was ready, my tootsies hurt, even with good walking shoes, and I had a sunburn because I didn't think about pulling my hair back and no hat, sometimes I am SO blond. The ride back was unadventurous as I was reading and the kids had movies. The kids were also great at the second McDs and didn't cause me any major heartburn. The part that killed... we didn't get back until 10:30pm and my phone had died so I had to borrow another parent's phone to call and let hubby and my parents when we would be back.

When we got home, hubby rushed me right home to a clean house and plenty of "I love and miss yous." I never realized how just one night away from your home and loved ones could make you miss and appreciate them more than you ever thought you could. :) I groaned in happiness over my bed, and hubby even drew me a bath and rubbed my feet, that was pure heaven.

Unfortunately, I was lame for the whole next day, someone want to send me their step master so I never experience that again? I promise not to break it!

OK so that was just the end of the week, but I think that is enough for now, I hope some of you all understand why my blogs are getting farther and farther apart, things are just too crazy here lately!


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