Friday, September 25, 2009

September 25, 2009

Wednesday was my boss' birthday, and when you know your mom is older than your boss, can you sick your mom on your boss? I think I should be able to but of course I am just wondering... ;)

My darling hubby has been a great hubby all this week, exceptional, to the point he has gotten 3 gold stars from me in this week. For him that is a personal best, in one week, all in a row... its been great. :) He even got me these beautiful flowers, for no reason but to help make me feel better. That's love folks, right there seriously!
Thank goodness that this work week is almost over though, the workload has been seriously hellacious for almost a 2 months now and on Wednesday, I was ready to go home for 3 days without pay because of how pissy and near violent I was. haha! Again hubby saved the people at work, otherwise... I was ready to do physical violence and no amount of smoking cigs was going to save them. The roses and the sweet message with them, well it just makes me all teary still today and all my anger slips away with his loving message. (Yes I know some of you are gagging, its OK, I don't mind, just don't throw up on anything that is mine!)

My dress is being delivered today by UPS for Greg & Monica's wedding, I am actually excited about wearing a dress people, its amazing and should be marked into history because its so out of the ordinary for me. As I have stated probably many times before... I am not a big fans of dresses, normally. But I will probably have to have the dress shortened, but that's OK. I accepted it a long time ago that I am short and most things are not made for my height. The length of the skirt is supposed to be 29 inches, and that is my in-seam measurement SO, I will probably have to have at least 6 inches taken off, after all it can't be too long or too short, I want it to just under my knee so the petticoats will show some. :) I got black ones just to accent the colors for the wedding (black and red of course!) and I got the cutest shoes to go with it!

Ohhhh! I am just so excited to wear something that I probably will never wear again unless it is for Halloween or some other costume-type party, but you know it's all right, hell I might just want to buried in it when I die! haha! Ok so maybe I shouldn't joke about that.

Different 14 year old has gotten an industrial piercing in her ear. Yeah that second picture over here on the right... Yeah not the lobe piercing either, but the other one. I remember agreeing to a nice loop in the upper part of the ear, but not the 2 piercing thing. All I can say is ouch and I hope to God she never gets into a fight, because if she does, and they choose that to rip that out of her ear... she is going to be in a serious world of hurt and her ear will look very yucky too, unless a doctor feels like making it look better than it would with the two piercings ripped out. (Ouch!) I have the upper cartilage hoop piercing in my ear, have had it for years, most of the time I forget I have it even because the loop is so small the brush or comb never catches it. But never in a 100 years did I think I was ever going to have to deal with a piercing like that in the family. Oh well, the new generation is meant to break their parent's hearts, right? Right?
On a closing note... Isn't that one of the cutest little Shar Pei you have ever seen? He came to me in an e-mail saying he wasn't a bath towel with several more pictures of him pretty much looking like he is a bath towel. I have always wanted one, but so far like the rest of my requests for more dogs in our house, hubby says no, two big baby pit bulls are enough for now. (I say you can never have enough dogs, they are wonderful for your health!)

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