Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 22, 2009

Maybe it is the lovely fall morning, all crisp with the scents of autumn, or it could just be because of the fog, but I am loving today!

Hubby is being the bread winner right now, yeah hubby! :) He's got my heart all a pitter patter with all the work he has been doing!

My work is slowly ramping down so I can enjoy the office again, and, yes I know I facebooked yesterday that most of my co-workers need a frontal lobotomy...

I am actually excited about the dress I am going to wear to Greg & Monica's wedding. Marilyn Monroe if she were alive would want to eat her heart out. I just know that I am going to look that good in this dress I am getting!

Yes I know it is a total shocker that I am even excited about a dress, usually I am not into it like that at all. I think dresses and skirts should be for men, they have the anatomy dangling' down there, not me. They even say those hanging things there between their legs that are supposed to not get too hot, well a dress or skirt, would fix that problem in a jiffy! I hate the draft that happens with a dress, maybe men would like it?

I also hate having to sit with my legs crossed knowing that I am creating varicose veins each and every time I do cross them, men should have to suffer with it not me. I am willing to keep the corset, the bra, and the high heels for women, but seriously, I think men should take back the skirt and dresses, those inventions just suck in my world and are not wanted.

OK that ended up being a tangent, albeit a small one, but a tangent none the less. :)

Try and have a good day people! I am going to go do some searching now for my Sis, she needs a job ASAP and I am hoping that as a very talented graphic arts designer that I can help her find something!


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