Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20, 2010

Today is a monumental day, it really is.

My sister is now free! I can't celebrate with her RIGHT now, but I will, oh I know I will. :) And again I am SO glad that she has forgiven me for the mess.

My eldest is asking for permission to go to driving school, needless to say, this ages and scares the HELL out of me! Completely! I have never felt so old and scared as when she handed me those papers. She is doing very well in school though and has even lettered already in her High School here (Academically). She has only been here since early March so I am extremely proud of her in this. :)

I unfortunately, have no idea what is going on with the middle child, she isn't very communicative from her mother's house, but I get the feeling she is quite content to be there and not have to bother with us here much anymore. Sad but hopefully only temporary, I am praying she grows out of this. (Cross your fingers with me people, she is only 12 after all, maybe 13 or 14 will be better? I hope.)

My youngest, is at a track & field day event at his school, I asked Skinney to go in my stead as I wasn't able to go and Skinney did agree to attend it for me in my absence. Recently though he has text me and let me know that he is going to kill me, and it will probably be very slow for me too. It sucks because I kind of knew it would be a wild afternoon, but did not feel it was necessary to inform him of it. I figured he would remember his elementary school track and field days and already be well prepared. I have to assume that I was so very wrong on that part.

I just wanted pictures of my boy running the races as I couldn't go myself. Selfish I know but I have missed so much of his milestones in life as it is. Like today, missing the celebration and competition, I didn't want to stay at work and play file keeper, but when the head honchos show up from Chicago to go over the files, you stay and cater to them. Otherwise, I would have gladly left today as early as 11:00am. I didn't get finished with the files though until after 2:30pm so I was already too late to everything and my boss had already gone before me. Boo. :( So at work I stayed.

Hopefully my death will not be gruesome, but I won't know until I see Skinney later, hopefully he remembers that I do love him and that I am a pretty good cook. Maybe that will save me from certain misery...Wish me luck!


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