Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25, 2010

I am alive!

Skinney didn't kill me, so now I have to seriously doubt any threat he tries to make against me. lol! What ended up happening is that he ended up being drafted into helping with one of the events, the football and hula hoop competition. He didn't get many pictures but he did get 8 of them, which I am grateful for. I think he just wanted to be able to complain loudly too me about all of the rigmarole that he had to go through dealing with 1st graders all the way to 5th graders. (tee hee!)
I will be even more impressed with Skinney if he actually keeps to his promise of volunteering for the boy's school next year as a coach for basketball and or any other sport... Yeah I about choked when he did volunteer, and then I HAD to write it on the calendar. It was just too amazing to let the occasion pass by without something marking it down.
Tonight is an "ethnic" dinner with the boy's Insight class, supposedly all of us parents were supposed to make a traditional home cooked side or dish to pass tonight. I am such a Whitey McWhite-White, that the best I could come up with was wedding potatoes... lol All that cheese and I can't eat a single spoonful.
Its a crime, against me. I LOVE dairy and in the last few months my body has decided that it doesn't love dairy anymore. I think that my body forgot to tell my head, as I am still mourning my lovely meals that would have at least 1 thing of dairy 'something' in them. For example, I made steak fajitas, three days ago now, and I LOVE steak fajitas, but they just don't taste as yummy without the sour cream and the shredded cheese. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE the steak and lightly cooked veggies, but, for me to not get to enjoy the whole mix with the dairy?? It just isn't the same. It is probably way healthier for me and actually some pounds have seriously dropped off, but I am still mourning.
No ice cream
No sour cream on my potatoes
No mashed potatoes
No cottage cheese
No chunks of cheese
No yogurt
Cereal is just not the same with Soy milk. It just isn't, the soy milk is ... ok, but there isn't the happy contentment I used to get with a bog ol' bowl of cereal... but there is one good side to this, besides the weight melting off. The one good thing is this... since I can't have cereal all the time like I usually do, raspberry sherbet is extremely yummy. ~Le Sigh though it still isn't ice cream.

Ok enough whining, this is supposed to be rants and rambles... ;)
No please do not send cheese to go with my whine... LOL after all I am allergic now it seems!


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