Friday, December 12, 2008

April 13, 2007

Today I am a little bummed, I tried to get into a yahoo group this last week about recycling, but I guess my profile isn't good enough or has adult material so I was denied membership.
Personlly I think if I am joining or trying to join a recycling group I shouldn't be denied membership just because of a brief glance at my profile. I am much more than just that, and if you looked farther into my profile you would see that I am an environmentalist, hell I work for the DEQ in my state and I was denied into the recycling community in my own home town, what crap! But whatever I guess I can't force everyone to look past the glitz, which since I am a girl, I love glitz!
So, I will have to move on, I guess I never really noticed how much you care about others approval until you don't get it yourself from someone you know absolutely nothing about....what a bunch of insecurity crap for me. hmph!
Ok so other than that, I am happy I still have a job, and I am happy that I am getting a new frigging couch in the beginning of JUNE!!! YEAH BIG, RED, and a SECTIONAL! I know one thing though, MY FRIGGIN LIVING ROOM WALLS BETTER BE DONE BY THEN!
Ok enough, I have to go, I am doing this at work again, bad bad!

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