Friday, December 12, 2008

April 17, 2007

So.... last night was the last for that bowling league, now I won't see my brother unless I go over to his house I know it. But that is ok, his wife is there too and I would get to see her too, now if I can just get the bike down from inside the garage and I will start riding my bike over to there house. :)
Thursday for me is going to be really special, my son is coming to work with me and.... it is Earth Day for us here at the DEQ! :D YEAH we celebrate both of them together to give kids a chance to see what they can do to be environmentally responsible. I can't wait personally. :D Yesterday i helped get 1500 saplings ready for all the kiddies tomorrow! It was a lot of fun playing in mud and so forth I was totally filthy at the end and so totally satisfied, at least 50% of those trees will get to live, maybe more if parents help their kids plant them at home. :) I LOVE THIS PART OF THE YEAR!
Hubby's birthday is this weekend, so we have a dinner with the family and I need to make sure I get a cake for him and a reservation at the restaraunt he wants, hopefully they will let me bring in the cake too though hopefully...... (DeLuca's is one ofthe best!)
Ok so I am going to go help stuff goodie bags for Thursday so, gotta goooooo!

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