Friday, December 12, 2008

April 19, 2007

I am an environmentalist, I work for the Department of Environmetnal Quality for the great state of Michigan and I am proud of it. Right now as we celebrate our Take you Child to Work Day and Earth Day together, my department with two others (Agriculture and Natural Resources of course!) have opened our doors to the communities and schools to help educate everyone on what impacts we have on our earth, it's very moving for the kids and it's a great chance for us parents to share our work with pride to our children. My son is loving it right now cuz I even dragged my parents along and my son's class this afternoon to this great event we show every year, even with our budget problems, we volunteer, donate and give our time, money and love to show how proud we are of our jobs to the public and most importantly to our children. I hope everyone of you is making a positive impact on this earth and teaching the younger generations about conservations and recycling, we have to leave this earth for all of those that come after us.
Peace to you and the Earth!

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