Tuesday, December 16, 2008

April 22, 2008

It is a big day around here, from past blogs around this time you know that my work is having it's exodus of information into the minds of little elementary/middle school children hoping beyond hope to make a difference for the future. Sigh, I wonder if it will work...
I've started reading (out of all the stupid little romances, horrors, and historicallly inaccurate novels I read) a book titled Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, so far it is extremely intersting, with a man that had no desire to be a part of the mainstream and ended up dead in Alaska. Shortly after I lived there in 1992, how I missed the articles as a self engrossed 15 year old at the time I will never know (sarcasm dripping here). I am wanting to rush through it and I am forcing myself to stop and look at it all, and encompass it all in my little mind.
Otherwise I fear my head will explode in anger about the damn gas prices jumping from $3.37 this morning to a M*****F****** $3.69 this afternoon, the Big Earth Day, once again being exploited by those that can afford the uprising prices, and guoging the middle United States Citizen's worker. I am about to start riding a bike to work, yes me, smoker extrodinaire (for 21 years too) I am seriously considering trying to ride the 4 miles to a fro work and pray, pray, pray that my lungs don't explode from the overloaded workout I am about to give them.
You know I don't really drive too unecessarily, I go to work, I try to only go to the store once a week, I don't go visiting or joy riding, so why the hell am I not able to make $15 cover gas for a week? It is only 4 miles one way so 8 miles a day at 5 days a week is only 40 miles a week and yet, due to the inability of these active generations to get it together, $15 isn't enough anymore for a LOT of things. $20 doesn't even get me a half a tank anymore and I don't drive a huge vehicle I have a malibu for 5 people total to ride in (when we are all together). I hate minivans, disowned my SUV and really have never had a car bigger than a lumina, and yet $20 doesn't even give me a half a tank in a friggin' malibu, WTF & WTH?
I am seriously considering what Chris McCandless did in this book to be a possibility for me, I know edible plants, I did live in Alaska already and I am so sick of my life depending on something I have no control over. I used to think I understood the oil & gas industry, infact I worked on the governement side of it for a few years, was even sympathetic to its cause, now I have serious thoughts about those greedy ceo's and exec's that can't stand their profit margins decreasing after the 9/11 fiasco... ok I will stop there or I could possibly have people out there that truly wish me harm besides my x-husband! Ha!
I just want to say this, it truly sucks that the life that is relied upon to make us happy, takes away the most happiness you could ever have. Staying home and taking care of your family, but instead this world invades and demands that the essentials of your life are too much to be given for only one spouse working, both now must work to get the same satification that your family used to get when your mom stayed home to take care of you. I wonder what this next generation is going to be like when it was raised by tv and overloaded teachers because their parents were too busy working trying to make a living that wasn't just scraping by....
PS, Happy Birthday Skinney, and don't worry you are still my super star. Luvs

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