Tuesday, December 16, 2008

May 8, 2008

Have you ever had your sinuses so blocked that you can't even swallow without your ears popping? I am there right now, I cannot beleive all of the stuff I have to take this year just to be able to breath out of my nose! Spray, and a 24 hour pill, and then sometimes that isn't enough! Ug! Don't get me wrong... I love Spring, I love the warm months and the fall, they just don't love me, like I love them. I hate the drainage that has you coughing and gagging and the roof of your mouth itching. For those that have allergies, don't you dare deny it, we are all in misery together.
I totally miss my old doctor though, but he retired... blast it, I would go to him twice a year get a shot each time and not have to see him for allergies for the rest of the year. Now no one will give you a cortizone shot just to stop the misery of over doing OTC drugs just so you can breath. The irony of it all is not lost on me, it just makes me more cynical.
Oh well. I am trying to garner peace and tranquility into my life, but with Michigan as it is now, the peacefulness of a secure job and home are wobbling. Yes it isn't easy living here right now, gas at $3.80 plus, a minimum wage of $7.15 an hour, and people being laid off right and left. It sucks, but you know something, I may hear my city and my state going down a drain, but we always come back. Analogize (sp?) that anyway you want to, we could be the twinkie or the cockroach, either way we know we will survive a nuclear holocaust. Well maybe not all of us, but we are a plucky state and irriatated as all hell about how things are here, so I feel we are doing something to make it a better situation in the shortest turn around we can find.
Ok so I am being extremely optimistic, but good thoughts bring good things, so I keep hoping and thinking good things. ;) Makes me for an optomistic but sarcastic person to be around. LOL, Probably why not many people do stick around, too much truth with too much salt. Ha!
Peace and Tranquility.

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