Tuesday, December 16, 2008

April 8, 2008

Now if Spring just made chairs like that sprout up everywhere....
Ok, Spring has finally peeked its head out from under the covers, and I for one, say, "It is about time!" I fianlly raked part of my backyard and got the blisters to prove it! The hole in my back yard is getting smaller and smaller every year, I keep on raking all the crap into it every year so hopefully one spring all I will have to do is put top soil over a slight depression in the ground.... (It will be MANY years before that I am sure....)
I want to try and mow this coming weekend if only to pick up the leaves that were buried under the snow this winter, mowing it is a heck of a lot easier than raking it all I know that!
And OOOOOOHHHHHH! My crocus' are up, my tulips are starting to come up, my hyacinth is peeking out of the ground, and even my bleeding hearts are taking a look out, and it is supposed to snow this weekend. I think the sheets of plastic are in order... My beautiful attempts at flower gardening must be saved from themselves!
Let's see anything else??? Oh yes the pups are legal, so they can stay out all day and bark their fool heads off, no one can do a thing about them anymore this year! (Hah ha, they sure can be obnoxious when they want to.)
So this weekend, I plan on packing FULL of yard work....wish me luck that I get to do it!

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