Tuesday, December 16, 2008

August 20, 2008

Things are busy here, real busy, got a public hearing today at work and possibly will have to go out to Utah to see my oldest Uncle (he is 67) and not in the happy way, we are still praying though that we won't have to go visit for that reason. Mom has decided to try and loose the weight again, I am joining her at the Medical Weight Loss Clinic, they say she can loose it all in a year, I certainly hope so, she would be so much happier. Tomorrow is Mom & Dad's Anniversary and I tried to call this morning and sing a day too early, I told her I would call again tomorrow and start all over since I wanted to be early.....
The boy is getting all geared up for 4th grade, and my two step-daughters are moving back to Michigan in October (with their mother and step-dad, ..... dammit) but then we will see them every other weekend at the very least and I am happy about that too, ask me later if I change my mind on that, like in November. LOL The boy is also now a 2nd degree yellow belt and more dangerous as ever, but that is ok he is still shorter than me, barely, but he is. LOL
Skinney is still at Demmer he saved the building he works in earlier this month from burning down, someone had forgotten about the paint filters and like paint rags they can go poof and turn into pretty flames. And take 55 gallon drums of acetone, and primer and special paint and 3 $2 million trucks with it in really big balls of flames and explosions. Luckily Skinney was paying attention and saved the building, he is now getting a Demmer coat for it and evidently you can't get one of them unless you are high up management or you save a building - they had to order it for him. I think he would have rather had a raise though... LOL (The guys in his shop are jealous though even his supervisor doesn't have a Demmer coat.)
My Grandpa and Aunt Doris are doing well still over feeding their dog and still bickering at each other so.... they are happy. Skinney's Grandma just go out of the hospital this last week for a kidney infection it put her in the hospital for about 4 days and scared the family bad as she is also dealing with a goiter (sp?) and is having breathing difficulties from that. (Ug the older generation is always scaring us....)
Other than that? I am sick of Skinney being skinnier than me and I am sick of having to go to work everyday, someone let me win the lottery.... oh wait, I have to play first. (Damn!)
So..... I have been exploring the world of blogs and I am seriously thinking of leaving here as I can't play with the formatting or anything here like I want to.... but I haven't found one that says HOME quite yet, so don't worry lots of warning will happen first before I move my blog and it's archives to a new home, heck it may just end up on a flash drive and never published on the web again but I doubt that I like ranting to anonymous people too much! LOL

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