Tuesday, December 16, 2008

July 29, 2008

Ok, so I am beginning to suck about this blog, I guess I just don't want to sound whiney or petulant, and that is probably what this blog is going to sound like.
First let me cover this: Ta'ta' I said those things because they are true, you aren't the person I met almost 3 years ago anymore, and I really don't like who you have become too much. I don't know you anymore, so I can't trust you, sorry but you did that, not me, I haven't changed much. I know you don't have a computer anymore so I doubt you ever get to read this, but since I wrote it, I will probably tell you it to your face soon. Again though, Sorry. I wish it weren't true, but like I said you changed and I won't walk down that path with you, I've done it before and I didn't like it, I wish you would listen to those that have done what you are doing now. I didn't end up living under a bridge for a while not to learn the crap you are forcing yourself to learn first hand. Ug, there.
Second, the whiney part: My ass hurts!!! I got stung by 'something' - I say a steriod infected africanized bee - on my ass Friday night.
Rule for EVERYONE: Don't weed around things that have been recently moved that haven't been moved all summer, most likely something has moved in and won't appreciate you moving their home.
I will always beleive this for the rest of my life.
Now I have recently been stung before, I stepped on something and my poor foot swelled and itched for about 3 days. Today is the 4th frickin day I have had to deal with this. I went to the doctor yesterday and they actyually measured how much of my skin was swollen and fevered, it was 21 inches by 18 inches. Yeah that kinda gives you an idea of my big ol' ass size. LOL
I had a fever and it had moved into my body not just on the skin. My stomache is sore like I got punched and my spine hurts near the infected area, it totally sucks to sit, but I missed work yesterday and just KNEW I couldn't miss today. Although I might leave early, it does hurt to sit.
I am also on some seriously strong antibiotics and anti-inflamitory, so far they don't make me like my stomache much, and it has reduced the swelling now the whole infected area is just red, and bruised and yes still itchy! Ug!
So what rule are we remebering for life? Oh yeah, its don't move things that haven't been moved all summer, something is likely to be living in it.

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