Tuesday, December 16, 2008

September 3, 2008

I am devastated once again, my older dog 'Nibbles' has left home and most likely been picked up by someone. He is an extremely friendly boy and if you have food or offer him a ride in a car, he will go anywhere with you.
I just wish the people that took him for the joy ride would give him back now. His little brother and the rest of his family are quite distraught about his disappearance. I feel horrible now for leaving for two hours to get a haircut with my hubby and I feel terrible that I have to leave my puppy alone everyday while we go to work. I hate it.
We looked all over the neighborhood and more right when we got home and then throughout the rest of the weekend. I was hoping he was at animal control as he will go to them too without problems, but no such luck yesterday. I had to go and look at all of the terrified dogs in animal control and fight back tears as I left because he wasn't there. Of course the tears came anyway and they still pop up.
I need my Nibbles back, he is such a good boy and I can't stand to think what could be happening to him. He isn't a fighter and he likes to eat really well and I am so scared that he isn't getting the love and attention he deserves with his family that loves him.
Ok I need to stop I am crying at work and that isn't productive and it only gets you false sympathy.
I can't stand that either so... pray for my dog, that he gets to come home safely, please.
Thank you.

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