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August 7, 2007

I sit here after my brief conversation with Manicarver about plundering, he gave me the thought of compassionate plundering and I rebutted with plundering of the mind with logic and common sense. Two major things I find extremely lacking in my own generation, we are so selfish. We want welfare for our poor, but pride ourselves on making something out of our nothing for the whole world to envy, and don't want to pay for taking are of said poor.
Now how do you think that really works? Did me/you dupe the masses to love a person like Paris Hilton who just happened to be one heir of a hard-earned fortune from a previous generation? Or, did she and those around her blast her into the media so much you either had to hate or love her? I think it is both, a duping with the media. This is only one example of it and I think one of the most obvious.
Why do we trust the media so much, no one holds them up to a higher/larger standard anymore, except themselves, and we all know from Voltaire hundreds or years ago that "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely." Yet just as we work so hard to claim a democracy, we remove ourselves from it and make a few responsible for our situations instead of making ourselves responsible for voting the jackasses in. Another duping that is carefully concerted with the politician and the media, we the poor masses just jump right in like lemmings after all how else do we chose our leaders now? They don't come door to door, they don't even see us as faces and I know, I work one office building away from a whole state's legislature and have been for the last 10 years. They still don't see or know me no matter that I have been endorsed by them, written to them, spoken to them directly on a phone, they still don't bother to know me as the concerned citizen they claim to be there taking care of.
What a load of crap I say. We are grown (I'd like to think logical and reasonably smart adults) masses and unfortunately to treat the disease that now is the media, you have to use the media to correct it and then once all of the lies and yellow journalism are over are you so disillusioned that you never trust the media again, they dared to be truthful, do we even want the truth? Where would we get our news from then anyway? The devious circle I say, not evil, but definitely not here for the good of the masses everyday either, a conundrum I say.
These are hard questions and even harder answers. The masses as they like to think of us are unpredictable up to a point, but generally thought of as stupid. Now no one likes to think that of themselves and truthfully individually you have a really good chance at meeting a large number of intelligent people, but you put them all together and the instigator (who isn't always the smartest) gets the masses going on one hyped up topic that isn't even the main issue that the individually smart people gathered to find a solution for. Sad, truly sad how easily we all can be moved... This is its own conundrum.
Yes, I know much of this has been stated before but deal with me, the frustrated conundrum, or stop reading, your choice.
Onto another topic though to go with the picture I put up there, it’s about me, I am a conundrum. Now realize that for me to state that I have to have certain beliefs, we will ignore that I am Christian-faith born, non-denominationally raised, henotheist, and go into astrology, which I happen to think is entirely too correct for its own mysterious good, too often.
I was born on the edge of a cusp, yes between a Scorpio and a Sagittarius, now for years I only understood my Sagi side, the loud, boisterous, adventurous side of myself, it wasn't until my developing years that the Scorpio came out and stung me. Made me enjoy being by myself and delving into my own mind and reasoning. Made me able to have my own home and a budget that can be handled most of the time, where as the Sagi would still be moving around bohemian of me enjoying life without leaving a legacy behind for those that I raised and interacted with.
For some lets stop for a moment and say one of the humorous things we can about this mixture, "[Scorpio] as a water sign, is often deep thinking and secretive, [Sagittarius] as a fire sign, is often spontaneous and out-spoken, but you put it together and I am sure full of a lot of hot air!" Its ok I have said this many times myself, I have to be able to laugh at me or I would be lost.
Now onto another thing that for me is added to my conundrum of myself, I was born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon, a very powerful year to be born in, even if I am not Asian, and I believe it is one reason that I am essentially who I am. So, let’s put this together a Scorpio/Sagittarius born in the year of the Dragon. I love to listen, learn, be empathetic to people, not sympathetic, but empathetic, I can almost feel in myself when each type kicks inside of me at times, if I am comfortable the Sagi is there, if I am confident in my knowledge the Dragon is there voicing it, or the Scorpio keeps me quiet to make them figure it out without me. Like right now, all three are telling me that I am blathering like a maddened fool for who cares about this stuff but me?
So to end this with a point I suppose, is this for you. Like the masses I am easily emotional, unlike the masses I am far more confident in my ability to change my mind when the occasion calls upon itself from facts and good common sense.
Let's not go into the fact that most would say astrology of any kind is a far cry from common sense, but to be honest - common sense is inherent, one just needs to look inside ones-self and discover what is right, smart, practical, and yes, good common sense. Seriously, don't you ever ask yourself, "Do I WANT that or do I NEED that?" that questioning is common sense working, now if you have learned to ignore that faintly mother-like voice in your head, go visit you mom or the mother-figure in your life and let her talk, she will get to that point eventually.
I like to think the fact that I recognize so many reasons of why I act as I do, besides from self-awareness (whole nother topic....) is because of my common sense, to make it understandable to myself, I use several venues, astrology is just one to help me explain my own sense, now some, like my mother would tell you I had to hit my head repeatedly to learn what I know now, and yep just like everyone else in life I had to make my mistakes, it makes us human. I also know that I am not so smart that I have to stop learning; in fact, I hope to die learning. :D
Ok, enough of my meanderings through my head, the lights seemed to have gone on in too many parts up there now and I want to expound on too much. So.................... my own conundrums.

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