Friday, December 12, 2008

December 21, 2006

Skinney got laid off today, it sucks, at least he is able to get unemployment, I hope..... I am not really sure how I should be taking this, he says he wants to go work down in Florida after the holidays then but for him to do that so late in the year already, I am just not sure it is enough time down there for it to be worth the plane ticket and everything else. Ugh, just when things were starting to run smoothly. Should have not gotten as comfortable as I did, my bad. Now I don't plan the comfy, yeeesh I hate this. Well I hope that Christmas is better, somehow the girls' mother decided they needed to trade in her little car, and buy a van, and she just told Skinney about this yesterday. She's supposed to be up here on the 23rd, someone want to tell me how she plans this in three days? I swear she's crazy....

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