Friday, December 12, 2008

February 11, 2007

Ok so he apologized after I explained to him what he was apologizing for, I swear men are SO dense at times. I forgot to call the yongest girl yesterday for her birthday but I think I will call today and say I couldn't get through or maybe not. I am at a loss for that one....
He painted yesterday for like 16 hours almost, after he came home from painting, he then gathered the boy and I up to go over to a friends house to finish painting their bedroom. I got a makeover from a 4 year old while the boy and I waited. I enjoyed it, she knows how to make blush look like a really good tan. :)
Before that though I cleaned all three friggin floors of my house, three floors is a lot of cleaning. Jamielee your going to end up finding that one out... I cleaned the furnace filter, vacuumed the carpet in the basement, mopped all of the hard floors, (1 bedroom, kitchen, and 2nd floor bathroom), vacuumed the stairs, (GOD I hate that one!), cleaned bathrooms, vacuumed all the rooms with the vacuum attachments, cleaned two floor fans, emptied the vacuum itself. Cleaned Kitty litter, did laundry, and cleaned the dog's booboo, I am not cleaning a THING today! :)
I even made jell-o with the boy yesterday and homade potatoes augratin with ham. I was rocking yesterday. Today I think I wll not move from the couch unless it is to look at my son's drawings, he says he wants to be a tattoo artist now when he grows up... Greg you will have your hands full! LOL! :)
Ok I am going to the couch, I may not get up for the rest of today..... :) yeah right.

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