Friday, December 12, 2008

February 14, 2007

Today is my anniversary and Valentines Day, it's sweet and when I tell people Skinney didn't originally plan it that way, very few people beleive me. Oh well. So far none of his plans for the day have gone through and although I know it drops his spirits some I am kinda glad, just because it's less money spent and I don't have to hear about how his tattoo hurts... I wanna do something special, but I hate being broke too, which is what I am. So every one gets warm wishes from me I hope it warms you all the way to your toes.
I don't know what is going on today but so far it has been warm and fuzzy for Skinney and I but you know we have only been married two years now, some would say the honeymoon finally ended. I say it never happened or if it did we went WAy to early, in fact before we got married, so that one doesn't count!
I am going to doa LOT of things this weekend I am just hoping everyone else can keep up....
Ok I am in a good mood just not ready to yap I am at work you know! :)

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