Friday, December 12, 2008

February 16, 2007

I am tired, really tired, so tired that I almost feel asleep at the bowling alley last night and everyone knows that place isn't quiet... Told the hubby I didn't want to do anything tonight except grocerie shopping, I want to go to bed early because I never seem to get enough sleep during the week.
Hopefully next week will be different with Skinney off to work earlier than me. :) Still not anything you can claim proudly as a permanent career job but at least it is something.
I am hoping that since he was rejected by Unemployment and then refiled under a different quarter that we will finally get the unemployment we have desperately needed for two months now. I hate when bills are late. Did my taxes, I never get paid enough back to do anything real wild but at least my windows will be paid off. Now onto the roof! Who wants to do the roof??? I know I don't but I know it needs to be done. I need to get some written bods from some companies, Skinney and I have a friend that promises to cut the prices right down and guarentee it for life. :) I like those odds, but I need everything in writing I do I do, or I am going to be stuck paying way too much again for it.
Can't seem to stay warm right now either and it is truly irritating, I did take my slippers to work (no not my knitted ones my old ones - don't worry sissie) and I have a blanket and my coat, but I still miss my space heater.... :( It died last year and I haven't replaced it as I am hoping that if I drop it one more time it will miraculously start working again. Yeah I know hold my breath for that too huh? Doubt it.
Ok I am going to try and make this day go as fast as it can, I can't stand being this tired it's even hard to focus right now.... maybe a choclate overdose? Who knows?? Talk more later!

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