Friday, December 12, 2008

February 3, 2007

Ok, today is prep day, clean the house, do laundry, and get ready for the biggest day of football of the year! We aren't having the party this year, I had enough parties at the house for a minute at Christmas and New Years, maybe around the time things can go outside too will be the next one. Poker nights don't count for that either.
I can't beleive how frickin COLD my bedroom was this morning, that negative 5 degrees really blows in a room with no heat ducts....I was happy to get out of the room this morning!
My furry children are all extremely jealous of each other this morning, infact the dog has tried several times to get into my lap, 75 lbs doesnot need to be added to there.... Hayze is in her cat shelf, Killian is at my feet, and Nibs is trying to whine into my lap this time. I can't take it much longer I will have to yell at them all. Dogs just don't understand one-on-one Mommy time. The way Nibs acts I will never get a little dog, he'd eat his head in one bite from jealousy.
As for the rest of the dat... well it will be off of the seat of my pants! I want to get so much done and the roofing people better not take more that one hour, I have the square footage the pitch can be figured out and all I want is the price not anything else. I have to research before I buy you know.
Excited for my best friend and my brother, the house looked good to me from the outside, I just hope it is everything they need!
More later!

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