Friday, December 12, 2008

February 5, 2007

Well (BIG SIGH) as usual the team I rooted for lost, but I had balls though yesterday, I wore my Jerry Rice Jersey to the party, saying I was rooting for the next year already! The Raiders at least have the first draft pick, I just hope they pick smart. And get a new defensive line, they are all just too old and too fat. Seriously when your tummy sticks out farther than your chest protector thingy (don't laugh I don't know what it is called exactly) but when you tummy sticks out farther than that thing, you need to loose weight or retire. Besides their butts aren't that good to look at like the receivers.... ;)
The party was fun, and not at my house but with the crap the dog messed up , I might as well had a party, he ate my sunglasses, and knocked over one of the biggest potted plants in the house, then the cat decided to piss in the pile of dirt of the floor... Geeze-o peetes-os makes you wanna scream about it.
I did get my hair cut, Skinney hates it, but I promised him that when I was getting pretty for him I would make it all curly but otherwise for work I don't want to mess with it that much anymore it's just too much work to give thin, limp, straight-as-a-board hair to look curly, full and bouncy, it's just too much effort for work I'd rather go in with a severe look than the soft look any day now...
The Governor just stated in a memo/press release that instead of a 1.8 billion shortfall it's more like a 3 billion dollar shortfall that we are looking at. I am not liking how this looks for me in the next couple of years.... (Thank GOD most of my loans are up next year so I can at least have that back in my pocket while they take more out of my paycheck.) I know that the memo from her didn't say that, but it might as well have, I can always read clearly between the lines about stuff like that. :(
So... Ta`ta` we need to finish your resume`..... and yeah I know that the Lansing economy sucks, but we gotta get things moving or Lansing really will go down the pooper hole! Also you better get these Suzi-Q's out of my house before Skinney eats them all!
Katy thank you so much for coming over and cutting my hair, I LOVE IT!!! But you left your bag and scissors, I think we will get out there soon to give them back. Plus I wanna see the twins!
Sissie, I loved the pictures, your Remi is just the most adorable thing.... :)
Ok more later maybe, it might just be tomorrow.....

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