Friday, December 12, 2008

January 31, 2007

So everyone must of finally gotten my little bitchin' notes about not posting, sorry to nag but if I can't see you everyday I want to read about you from you at least once a week, preferably more.... (HINT!) like ALMOST EVERYDAY......
Skinney is actually painting the kitchen right now...yeah! I can't believe he actually started it before I left for work this morning! He is going to get a special surprise tonight, I think I will give him a back rub with massage oil, I KNOW he will like that and I am letting him know how happy I am that he finally finished one of the tasks on my little list (OK so it originally had like 20 things for him to do on it and most of them he can't do by himself) but now he is down to like 14, that's a LOT for the non-ambitious man I married! YEAH! (I made the list in September too)
We went yesterday at lunch and shoveled the parent's driveway, then I came home last night from work and Skinney was in bed for why I don't know but he was. The sidewalks and driveway not finished at our own home and nothing ready for dinner. Needless to say I was pissed and then when I went outside and finished shoveling our walks and driveway, he still hadn't started anything for dinner, and he KNEW I hadn't ate ALL day. Jackass, but after his bath, he finally made me one of the things he knows how to make. I told him he needs to read more so he can have a larger menu to eat from, spaghetti or eggs and toast is not a big choice selection you know....
OK, the run down again.... ;)
Ta`Ta` get over here tonight girl, we need to get your skills and resume updated. No more freaking out for you. You need to shoot your man in the ass too, tell him to go out and get a fucking job especially sine you know he can't get unemployment, he's just being lazy now.... rrrr, yep Zack I am talking SHIT about you!
JamieLee, a change of your blast is not enough and neither is IM'ing, I need sustenance to read my dear I don't care about what I just want to know what is going on in your life! (Yes I am WHINING!)
Katy, Katy, Katy, if you don't finish your 360 page and start blogging I am going to come over and finish your page for you and then make you blog, I swear I need to be able to read stuff about you and the babies too, and maybe your man and sister!
Lady Lynx, I still say tell him to shut the fuck up and quit whining he is acting worse than an high school girl thinking she is getting dumped and then because of how she acted, got dumped. He's a dumbass and don't let him touch your horses!
Everyone else that read this and doesn't post a blog, "NO FAIR I WANT SOMETHING TO READ TOO!"
Later that night...
I came home in a horrible mood and now I have to figure out how to make my husnband quit hiding in the bedroom, obviously since it is 8 pm I haven't figured out anything yet, but I am alsmot done with dinner. It is just extremely late, and although I am sorry I was so pissy on the phone and when I got home it is impossible for me to just ocme out and say that to him. He gloats too much. BIG SIGH, Damn time to go swallow my pride some, even though dinner isn't done quite yet......

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